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  • I strongly recommend RSM Framingham. My daughter attended 6 years of RSM classes and took 2 Summer classes as well. She is now preparing to go to a rigorous high school and she placed into the highest level for her grade and she is not a math kid.  Thus RSM gets objective results.But that was not our purpose for sending her to RSM and RSM is not about getting slight advantages in taking exams.

    The mission of RSM is that the staff recognize that leaning mathematics and its concepts well requires extra time that is often not given in standard schools. Poor math preparation often leads to math phobia in later education that can severely curtail opportunities—not just which college your kid goes to but their entire career. RSM can prevent this problem.

    Our daughter started in 2nd grade which was key to her success. She liked her teachers and found the classes engaging as there is a lot of classroom interaction. I am not going to lie and say she always wanted to go  or liked doing her homework—no normal kid would. But as time went by, she acknowledged that it helped her in regular school. After a few years at RSM she would report she already understood a “new” topic being taught at her public school.  I don’t think she’ll ever think she cannot do math—she knows it requires work—but it can be done.

    RSM offers training for math contests if you are interested. We did not pursue that training and its distinctly separate from the standard classes which are the main focus of RSM. We found the staff to be enthusiastic, helpful and professional.  

    In summary, I think RSM offers a very valuable experience for kids that will pay off for the rest of their lives. 

    - David Wages, July 2017

  • My daughter was happy to be a part of RSM, she had a chance to meet such a nice people and motivated students and improved her math and social skills.Your program helped her a lot to succeed in her regular school. I am very thankful our teacher Mr. Sukher for all the help for the last couple of years! We appreciate all you've done for our family. (My older daughter was you student also ! ) We are happy to be your alumni and will recommend your program to our friends and neighbors. - Sara Fatykhova, December 2016

- Sara Fatykhova, December 2016


  •  It is a proud moment for us to let you know that Shristi has been admitted to College of Engineering, Cornell University for the Class of 2020.  I would like to thank RSM and its teachers for providing excellent coaching, encouragement, and challenging Shristi every single week. The problem solving strategies have helped her to look beyond the subject and connect the concepts with usage and at a broader level. This was very helpful in high school, and even her teachers acknowledged her ability. Her five years at RSM Metrowest helped inculcate a positive attitude for learning along with commitment and dedication towards completing all her work, which in turn helped her to grow both inside and outside of school.

    - Ravindra Varshney, father of Shristi Varshney, 2016

  • We wanted to thank you for the regular updates about Pranav's progress, what the class is working on etc. Appreciate your help and support.  Coming to RSM has made Pranav much more confident and in fact he finds Math fun! We cannot thank Ms. Karla and Ms. Irina enough for that :-).

    - Mrs.Govind, mother of a 4th-grader, 2016


  • I want to take this opportunity to thank you Anna and the School of Mathematics for broadening our son's field of vision on mathematics. He has seen many topics and ways to approach them that he would not have had access to otherwise.

    - Dar and Einat Efroni, parents of a high school student, 2015

  • Our son has been with RSM-MetroWest for several years. At the end of the 7th grade he took the Math SAT and earned a perfect score of 800. We just wanted to thank Russian Math for preparing him so well.

    - Mr and Mrs. Sridhar, Summer 2015
  • My second grader complained that school was boring.  He was above grade level in math and was not being challenged.  He has thrived at RSM, and continues to progress well beyond grade level.  My fourth grader needed extra math practice. RSM helped her to meet, then exceed grade-level requirements.  

    My children look forward to class each week.  The teachers establish rapport with the students, making connections through personal interactions. And the math games are fun!

    RSM teaches to the student's specific needs and rate of progress.  Initial placement testing and year-end recommendations ensure the student is always in the appropriate class.  Student needs are met more effectively than a set yearly curriculum based on grade level.

    - Kimberley S. Beattie, mother of two elementary school students. Spring 2015


  • We are delighted to observe Rohit's growing interest in problem solving, ways to analyze and explore possible solutions. We are grateful to all the staff members of RSM-Metrowest for instilling the curiosity and problem solving techniques with ever interesting puzzles and their invaluable guidance to numerous Math Competitions.


    -Vijaya & Syam Josyula, parents of Rohit, level 8, Winter 2015


  • I want to take this moment and thank Mr. Gene for teaching our kids. Sarayu loves the way you teach and is always waiting to attend your class at RSM. Your way of teaching logic is working great. With your help, time, efforts and passion, she even exceeded Math League which is for Gifted and Talented Kids. She topped in Brophy and second in Framingham District. I really wish you can teach her again in next year too. But understand that each teacher is assigned for each level. Thank you for all the wonders and magic you are doing for teaching our kids and getting them to love their math.

    Best Regards,
    -Saritha Bade, Mother of Sarayu, level 4, Spring 2014

  • Dear Dr. Charney & Karla,

    We just wanted to say Thank you to you and your Staff for a great 1st year.

    We initially were concerned our girls would think Math Classes would be more of a chore and dread going to classes.

    In the end they are more engaged with math and having a lot of fun.

     We actually didn't tell our daughter that she did well this year and she was very much surprised during the awards ceremony. Just a reminder hard work does pay off.

    Both our chldren are looking forward in returning this Fall.

    Thank you for all your hard work and your commitment.

    - Mother of 4th grader, Spring 2014


  • We very thankful for having a chance to be an RMS-MetroWest member for the last 4 years. It has helped our daughter  to study a vigorous math program and also be successful in an  advanced math class at AMSA. We appreciate all our teachers and specially Mrs.Trishina. We thankful to Dr. Anna Charny and other founders of  RSM-MetroWest for creating such a great school where children can study an advanced level of mathematics and participate in Math Olympiads. Your program also helped our older daughter, who attended RSM-MetroWest during its first years, and it was nice to see how the school grew over time. We have a lot of friends and neighbors  who are attending RSM-MetroWest and we will keep recommending your program to others, who are interested in advanced math study for their children.

    - Sara Fatykhova, mother of two RSM-MetroWest middle school students, Spring 2014


  • I am writing to say how pleased we are with Jack's experience so far at RSM-Metrowest in Framingham. From the first moment we walked in on Open House day we had a sense that this was no ordinary extra-curricular activity. The kids at the school are hard working and motivated. The teachers are dedicated. The opportunities for challenge between classwork, Math Olympiad and the Puzzle competitions are fantastic. Jack is able to do Math Olympiad Elementary at his own school and the Math Olympiad Middle School at RSM-Metrowest. He attends 3 hours of Algebra and Geometry on a Sunday and that is an addition to the work he does in the Johns Hopkins program. For him to look forward to the classes (and often miss the afternoon football games!) speaks a lot to how great your program is. I really look forward to seeing how far he can go with the support of your program.
    - Linda Worcester, mother of Jack, Fall 2013
  • We just want to thank all the teachers of 
    RSM - Metro-west for the hard work they put in for each 
    student  and giving the students the opportunity 
    to prove themselves. Thank you

    - Mr. & Mrs. Sridhar, parents of Arvind, Fall 2013
  • We are very happy with the children's progress. They are performing very well at school and their confidence in math has grown tremendously.
    - Iliana Nunn, mother of Alexandra & Christopher, Fall 2013
  • I am very grateful to the RSM-MetroWest school for organizing extracurricular free classes for preparation to Mandelbrot and AMC Math competitions. We both, my husband and me, are very impressed the way Vadim Longinov was training these classes. We could observe not only high professionalism, but also his personal dedication in teaching no matter to how few students.  Mr. Longinov even inspired our son, who was reluctant to spend Friday evenings at RSM, but had to admit that classes are very interesting and helpful to solve challenging problems.
    These preparation classes have broadened his knowledge of math and gave him an idea of what topics he didn’t know and had to cover.
    Many Thanks to Dr. Charny, RSM staff and especially to Vadim Longinov.
    With deep respect,

    - Karina Barseguian, mother of Karen Hovhannisyan. Spring 2013
  • Our experience at the school has been tremendous. From our early days with Roger to Amanda and Alfiya, the girls have grown more confident in their math abilities and they are each contemplating science/engineering majors for college.
    Please extend our very best to Dr. Charny.
    - Kristine Van Amsterdam, Mother of two college bound daughters. Spring 2013
  • I have been amazed and pleased with my daughter’s experience at RSM-Metrowest.  Her learning is amazing. Her comfort with math is emerging. I just want to give wonderful feedback about Miss Joyce.  She is doing such a wonderful job with the younger children.  They are learning so quickly and at the same time really enjoying what they are doing.  Which is exactly what I was looking for.  I could not be more pleased with her teacher!! Thanks!
    - Tricia Cincotta, mother of Kids & Numbers Student, Winter 2013.
  • By the way, this year when my daughter moved to Worcester Academy they placed her in Algebra 1 honors. In few weeks realized her potential and moved her to Algebra 2 honors,  which is generally offered to 9th grade honors students. I am sure all credit goes to RSM-MetroWest and Megha's passion for math.
    - Manu Choudhury, Mother of 8th grader, Winter 2013.
  • We greatly appreciate what you offered in RSM. Our son has been benefitting from the classes he has taken, and now he is taking the 8th grade math in his school. Thanks a lot.
    - Mother of 7th grader, Winter 2013.
  • ...Thank you for helping our daughter each weekend over the past year. Your school is a magical place and a true gem in our community. Our daughter enjoys art and sports, but understanding math has been a challenge for her . Through your excellent teaching, the world of math is becoming more available to her! We thank you! She has gained confidence and many new math skills since attending your school. We highly recommend your school.
    - Mother of a middle school parent from RSM-Metrowest, Spring 2012.
  • The math school has been a major part of my daughter's success as a home school student. We have had children at the math school since 2006 and next year you'll have all three! I've also recommended the school to numerous people.
    - LeAnn Neal Reilly, Mother of three RSM-MetroWest students.
  • ...I really appreciate all you do to instill a love of mathematics in the kids. They both enjoy the class, find it interesting and are developing nicely.
    - Roy Lurie, father of Emma (Level 3) and Daniel (Level 5).

  • ...Thank you for your math wisdom, patience, hard work, professionalism, smiles, encouragement, dedication, and understanding. Everyone at the school is helpful, organized, and kind. I wish I had found you sooner. I feel the kids who start your program at a younger age will have a great advantage in learning skills they will need to perform math with ease at school, compete in this global economy as well as life skills for independent living. It is never too late to get math help. However, I believe this help should begin at an early age so that children have enough exposure to math thinking and the language of math. I wish I did not wait until my kids needed help as teenagers. I believe your school is a true gem in our community.
    - Metrowest mother of 2 teens that received summer math help.

  • ...Harry is entering the 7th grade in Southborough this fall and will be taking the advanced Alg.II level class (high school level) with one other child in his grade through our regional HS. That is incredible how far your school has carried him during the many years we have been attending!!
    - Lynne Kuperstein, mother of Harry Kuperstein, level 7.

  • ...Sonia participated in the Math Bee held by North South Foundation last Sunday. She came in 1st for her level. Her score was 33/35 and very likely will get invited for the National Level in Sept. The interest and the knowledge she developed at the MWSM has really helped her.
    - Charu Deodas, father of Sonia Deodas, level 5.

  • ...My son Ben has really taken to your school of mathematics, telling me that it is his favorite part of Thursday. As a parent, I am very pleased with the subjects he has been exposed to at the MWSM in a very short time. Ben's instructor, Ms. Farizon, has suggested he participate in competitions and so we have entered him in the Kangaroo Math competition for 2011. We encourage such challenges and are (again) very pleased with the rigors provided by MWSM. Thank you very much!
    - Bradley Brasher, father of Ben Brasher, level 2.

  • ...Thanks for your program and fine instructors. Ron was excellent and patient with both George and Douglas. After just a few lessons, George is now focused, confident and is successfully solving problems. Whatever he accomplishes on the Kangrooo is a direct result of Ron's teaching
    - Greg Dyer, father of George (level 8) and Douglas (level 6) Dyer.

  • ...We are also very impressed by the quality of the curriculum and teaching and can see the impact on Rohan's learning
    - Sandip Bose, father of Rohan Bose, level 7.

  • ...All four of our kids had a very successful summer at your school. They worked hard but really enjoyed it. Our thanks to all of you
    - Susan Powsner, mother of Nathaniel (level 1), Abigail (level 2), Jonathan (level 4) and Emily (level 5).

  • ...I would like to full-heartedly thank you for all the great teaching that goes around in the MWSM. We are really delighted with our son Jaime�s progress and enthusiasm for mathematics
    - Javier Romero M.D., father of Jaime Romero, level 4.

  • ...My wife and I are very excited that we discovered your school. The teachers have been great and we appreciate that these offerings are available to our children. Thank you for your efforts
    - Andrew Maxwell, father of Matthew and David Maxwell, level 4.

  • ...Beginning with her first summer session after 3rd grade, we have seen a marked improvement in Maria's math skills which in turn has made improvements in all of her academic and social skills as well, and we would love for her to continue
    - Sharon Stratis, mother of Maria Stratis, level 5.

  • ...Just want to let you know that we are extremely impressed with the progress Ayesha has been making � thanks to you, your school and great teachers!
    - Sona Shaikh, mother of Ayesha, level 3.

  • ...Both of us (myself and my wife) as well as Ayush love the school and its curriculum. I am extremely happy to report that Ayush scored 100% on his Math MCAS and we feel its because he attends MWSM. Thank you and your teachers for Ayush's achievement
    - Atul Hate, father of Ayush Hate, level 7.

  • ... I am glad to inform you that Neha Shabeer did very well on the John Hopkins CTY Talent Search. CTY hosts Award Ceremonies to celebrate the outstanding achievement of Talent Search Participants who earn high SCAT scores. Neha met the cut off to attend the grand ceremony as well.
    I am sure Neha was calm during the test because she is used to challenging math questions at MWSM. …Neha still strongly believes she is bad in Math because she can't crack the MWSM puzzles most of the time. Neha wants to thank Gene and MWSM staff for making math so much fun
    - Fazeena Shabeer, mother of Neha, level 3.

  • The MetroWest school is an excellent resource for after-school Math education for our two kids in grades 8th and 4th. The school is everything one could hope for in an after-school Math program - the school is close to most suburbs in MA, has very professional and competent teachers, they know education for K-12 kids very well, and have a true passion for teaching Math to kids. In a few months of taking classes at the school we can see a marked improvement in our kids' Math skills. The school's Math education resources are also immense - the Math material further helps prepare kids very thoroughly for SAT and other national Math competitions
    - Hemant Singh, father of Maegha Singh (level 8) and Kartik Singh (level 4).

  • ...Dima is enjoying the math class very much. He said it's fun to be in a class and he is curious solving problems in his homework. Thank you to you and Dima's teacher...
    - Ilya & Nadezhda, parents of Dmitry Ilin, level 3, summer school.

  • ... During last two years both Sandeep and Anudeep made good progress in Math and placed in high levels at school. This happened due to what they learned at MWSM. Highly appreciate your efforts for this
    - Srihari Jala, father of Sandeep (Alg 9, Geo 8) and Anudeep (Alg and Geo 8).

  • ... Both our boys love Metrowest Math and very much look forward to doing the weekly homework. Rahul and Rohan absolutely adore Gene and relish his puzzles and games during his class. The whole program is very much geared towards developing a genuine love and enjoyment for Math. Who said first-graders cannot do Algebra?"
    - Priya and Ram Krishnan, parents of Rahul Krishnan (level 4) and Rohan Krishnan (level 1).

  • ... We have two children that attend the Metrowest School of Mathematics. Our older child attends 5A with Alla Farizon and younger one attends 3B with Gene Sigalovsky. Both of our children LOVE the math classes they attend. It is tremendous for them, since math is their favorite subject and they love the challenge and learning they get at Metrowest School of Mathematics
    - Mother of two children attending RSM-Metrowest.

  • ... Your program has really helped Sejal stand out in her Math skills. Before joining Metro West she was not able to understand clearly the math equations/problems in her school class, now she is ahead of the game and answers all the questions and solve problems in the school classroom and has impressed her Math teacher. I am planning to have my younger daughter also join the Metro West soon. My sincere thanks to Metro West Teachers and Principal for running such an excellent program to help the needs of the growing child to buff up their skills in their fields
    - Kapil Batra, parent of Sejal Batra, level 7 Pre-Algebra.

  • ... We are really pleased with the program. Both our boys have been attending since KG and we truly believe that the program with its focus on interactive teaching/learning has helped build a solid foundation in mathematics and has generated a genuine love for the subject
    - Sumant and Sangeeta, parents of Neil Mauskar (EM4) and Nicket Mauskar (level 2).

  • ... Gene Sigalovsky is incredibly talented at connecting to children and helping them connect to math. My son has been attending the Metrowest School of Mathematics for two years and he’s excited when math school night rolls around. He’s proud of the math skills he’s attained and he’s clearly gone far beyond what is being covered in his regular first grade class
    - Masha Chausovsky, mother of Mark Nazzaro, level 2.

  • Our daughter joined the school in January of second grade. She is a very good math student and was ready to take on more challenges than offered in the regular school environment. We have been with MWSM for just over two years now and as a fourth grader at MWSM she is doing great. She continues to love coming to class each week. The homework and level of work she does at MWSM gives her the extra challenges she thrives on each week. The classroom size is perfect because it allows each student the opportunity to participate. I can't say enough about the positive experience this continues to be for our daughter
    - Rusty & Mari Rose,  parents of Hanna Rose, level 4.

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From Our Students

I have been going to RSM-Metrowest in Framingham for eight years now, and I have loved every year of it. Going to RSM has helped me excel in school, and develop my love for mathematics. The classes not only support the school curriculum, but also go beyond it by challenging students with more advanced problems. I love the challenge, and I believe it has only made my interest in mathematics grow stronger. I am truly grateful for the knowledge and skills that it has given me, and I would not be where I am now if it weren't for RSM-Metrowest.
- Prakalya Chandrasekar,10th grader at the Advanced Math & Science Academy.

... I have had three teachers so far, and all of them have been wonderful educators. I have learned a lot from this school's participation in programs such as AMC-8 and Math Olympiads. This program helps me get ahead of my peers at school. I would very much like to continue to learn at MWSM. Thank you MWSM, for all the great things I've learnt so far"
- Akshay Karthik, level 5, Pre-Algebra.

My favorite thing about advanced math is learning new things. I get new problems to solve. My teacher, Mr. Gene (Sigalovsky) is fun. He explains how to do a method to solve the problem. My teacher is very nice and he is also very fun
- Student, level 3.
I enjoy advanced math because I am learning about new methods. One of my favorite is the mushroom. With that, you can find the LCM. I like my teacher, Mrs. Alla Farizon. She is very nice and she makes sure you understand the topic. I also like the friends in the class. They are fun to play with at break. At my regular school, in my math class, there are a lot of kids who complain about math. But here no one complains about it, so it is much nicer. Every student is excited to learn and the best part is..... it's math!
- Student, level 5.


I like MWSM as 1
With math being the favorite subject to engage!

I like MWSM as 10
Being the years of my age! 1 plus 10 makes eleven!

I like MWSM as 2
As me and my brother are having great fun!

I like MWSM as 9
Times that in puzzle contests I have won! 2 + 9 makes eleven!

I like MWSM as 3
The day of the week I have my class!

I like MWSM as 8
The time of night when classes pass! 3 + 8 makes eleven!

I like MWSM as 4
4 miles – I live so near!

I like MWSM as 7
The age I started here! 4 + 7 makes eleven!

I like MWSM as 5
The level I am in!

I like MWSM as 6
When my classes begin! 5 + 6 makes eleven!

I guess I am all about MWSM and 11 right now
And I hope I precisely explained why and how!

Poem by Kate Longinova - 11/11/11